Carbon Cleaning Machine

Carbon Cleaning Machine

The Clean Carbon is totally designed and manufactured in the UK. This is a machine which allows you to clean your engine of carbon particles. It’s well known that all Otto engines, build up a lot of carbon soot on engine valves, cylinder head, pistons, diesel nozzle or injector sprayers, turbocharger, catalytic converter or diesel particulate filter.

When the engine has carbon soot on those parts, your vehicle lose it’s dynamic parameters and also it’s spending more fuel. All of these expensive parts and their replacement needs time and money to be changed, but will build up again carbon deposits!

Now we have a invention that helps you to clean the engine without any dismantling and in less than hour.

The best solution is to buy a machine and save a lot of money on expensive repairs.  It is very easy to keep the car carbon free! The Clean Carbon works with supplying 12V from your engines battery, just start the engine, feed the gas into the air filter box and start the machine.

Machine is totally automated. You need to do this ones a month for 30-60 minutes to save yourself a lot of time and money for expensive repairs  in the auto shop. We dedicate a lot sleepless nights to develop this compact, but efficient machine to be in your help of decarbonizes your engine. Now we offer you the best price for machine and  also an electrolyte for the machine for a year ahead included. We provide manuals of maintaining the machine and the proper usage of the machine.

E-mail and phone support are available too! For more information or order a machine write to our e-mail! 

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