How the hho works

How the hho system works and what are its benefits? We call it 'hydrogen cell' or 'hydrogen generator' because it produces hydrogen and oxygen simultaneously through the process of electrolysis shown below. For this process we need a distilled water and biodegradable electrolyte ( Potassiu...
Tuesday 29 January, 2019
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Carbon Cleaning Machine

The Clean Carbon is totally designed and manufactured in the UK. This is a machine which allows you to clean your engine of carbon particles. It’s well known that all Otto engines, build up a lot of carbon soot on engine valves, cylinder head, pistons, diesel nozzle or injector sprayers, turbocharge...
Friday 13 October, 2017
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1.4L HHO Water Tank - Reservoir

Our hho heater water tank is suitable for all types of HHO systems. It is good size , flat ,very compact , easy to fund a space for it under the bonnet. The material is flame-resistant plastic....
Saturday 09 September, 2017
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HHO 12/24V LED digital amp meter

This is the best choice for your hho project . It is small and compact,can be build in your dash board on the vehicle. The dimensions are 50x26x23mm It is digital led,so you you keep on eye on the load of your amp consumption and also to have a idea about how strong is the electrolite....
Sunday 20 August, 2017
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HHO Fuel Saver Kits for trucks

If you decide to buy our Plug & Play hho fuel saver kit and you don't know how to simulate the ECU on your truck It is highly recommended on first place to try just with the hho kit and check the fuel consumption....
Monday 11 March, 2013
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