Designed especially for cars , vans and generators.

The size is :

H - 200mm ,W -150mm , D - 80mm

It is excellent quality without any leeks on gas or electrolyte  the best choice for your hho project.

The total volume of the water tank is 1,4 Litters.

There is mark with Min and Max level on it.

It is very recommended to keep the electrolyte level on the tank when engine is of to be not higher than the Max level.

This will minimise the chance the electrolyte to go to your bubbler and even to reach the engine on your vehicle. 

We can offere it with some different options  for you:

0. 3 x 8mm Push in Pneumatic type for OD pipe 8mm

0. 3 /8" (10-12mm) barbed type for OD pipe 10-12m

0. You can choose it without any holes or fittings

0. Availability for build in water level sensor

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