Of course - while it may sound revolutionary - it cannot be realized at this time.  The reason is the short numbers of filling stations for the hydrogen.

 It need about 20 minutes to fully load the truck with hydrogen .  

Then be able to pass  across through all of Germany.

 In addition, Nikola Tre moves independently.  The level of autonomy is Level 5, which means you won't need drivers at all.

 Tre's official presentation will be on April 16, 2019, at the Nikola World plant in Phoenix.  Even now, however, the group has orders worth $ 11 billion.

This hydrogen truck will be produced mainly for the European market and will be tested in Norway from 2020. The price of Nikola Tre has not yet been announced, but one of its predecessors - Nikola One - costs between $ 350,000 and $ 415,000.

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