In many ways, hydrogen is one the ideal fuel.  

In this case we talk for the gas produced from our kit.

This is a mixture ,this is HHO gas,two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen

This can be delivered from water with different renewable energy sources.  The product of its oxidation is only water, ie.  no harmful emissions. 

By using the hho with your original fuel you’ve got much faster burns of fuel,

  • more engine power
  • more engine performance
  • Also with the time the engine will run much quieter than before 
  • The temperature on the engine will be lower then before (hho burn on less temperature )
  • By using hho gas you will prolong the engine life span and you can extend the service interval with about 1000-2000mile or km.

  • Very important is by adding hho to the vehicle ,the original fuel needs to be reduced from ECU.There is a few different ways for that:

  • With fuel saver chip Click   programmed for the specific vehicle 

  • With Map/Maf Sensor Enhancer Click

  • fixed to air flow sensor (air pipe fro air filter to engine ) Click

  • Fitted a Lambda Sensor Extender  Click  (on the exhaust ,because the ECU will read to much Oxygen,and will thing there is no smoke,no burning a fuel and will send more fuel to the engine.
  • This will make more negative effect

  • Remapping the ECU  Click  by reducing the portions of fuel
Hho Fuel Saver Kit
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HHO Installers
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