It is quiet possible the same result, so the ECU needs to be adjusted.

The main key to have a fuel saving on your vehicle is to reduce your original fuel from the ECU with about 20-30% and cover this reduced fuel with the hho gas produced from the kit.

This can be possible with installing a MAF/MAP Sensor Enhancer ,Lambda Sensor Extender or a Fuel Saver Chip,programmed for hho needs and will be for your vehicle  make and model.   

Or you can go ahead and change the software on the ECU special for hho fuel saver kit,which will give you most optimal fuel savings with additional 10%  extra than other options like MAF/MAP Enhancer or Fuel Saver chip.

The hho kit is quiet easy for installation,like the installation takes only a couple fo hours.

The main thing is the fuel cell needs to be on the bottom and fuel tank needs to be on to higher place to fill up the cell by the gravity.

The bubbler is also recommended to be on lower place and the pipe between the water tank and the blubber to be 1,5m .

That's because when you switch your engine there is a back vacuum (suck),and the water from the bubbler it will go back to the tank.

So if you fix the bubbler on a lower piece with a longer pipe you will prevent that.

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