That is the easiest and cheapest options first. It is quite possible for the same result, so the ECU needs to be adjusted.

The main key to save fuel on your vehicle is to reduce your original fuel from the ECU with about 20-30% and cover this reduced fuel with the hho gas produced from the kit.

Or you can go ahead and change the software on the ECU(contact us form more info ) special for hho fuel saver kit,which will give you most optimal fuel savings with additional 10% extra than other options like MAF/MAP Enhancer and lambda Sensor Extender.

        You can count the amount of fuel savings annually accordingly the number of yours companies vehicles, but in this case you can take the money back from one hho kit for less than 3 months only!

We've got that offer on the web site also. So send us more details on the ECU to check it first. The hho kit is quiet easy for installation,like the installation takes only a couple fo hours. It is a Plug & Play unit, all build in a strong metal box. All you have to do is : ⁃ to fix safety the box on your vehicle.In case if you are wondering about the size,we can suggest you to make a carton box the same size of the unit,fix it temporary and make e few full turns with the vehicle and trailer.

Our Plug'N Play HHO kits are easy and quick to install and can be fit­ted to any 24V diesel truck or bus with­out any engine mod­i­fi­ca­tions or tam­per­ing of the fuel man­age­ment or elec­tri­cal systems.    

You not need a com­puter soft­ware, pro­gram­ming, set­ting up, tim­ing or mix­ture adjust­ments are required to the vehi­cle

Fuel saving sys­tems have built in: fully auto­matic start, auto­matic stop and auto­matic safety shut­down con­trol with far fewer parts to install than any other kit

Com­pact, easy to install

High qual­ity materials 

Fully auto­mated Ampere lim­iter built-in (Dynamic PWM)

No run on after shut­down

No back fire problems

Adjustable power ranges

Water level sensor on the water tank or diode to inform the driver that needs refill

More than 3000 km. with one refill

Fully automated

For vehicles  up to 16 000cc fuel saving vary between 3l. and 6l./100km. depending on the machine type, or about 20% - 25%

Most of the European trucks and buses makes between 15 000km (9 000miles) and 20 000km (13 000miles) per month, so this means 150 times per 100km (60miles) minimum by 3 liters minimum of fuel saving is 450liters of diesel saved and this is the minimum! You can count the rest for yourself, but in this case your return on investment will be in less than 3 months!

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