It is designed for Diesel and Petrol Engines 12 & 24V.

Controls the hho productions try the negative wire on the cell.
For the Diesel engines there is a knocking sensor which needs to be attached with bolt to the engine blog,and it will read the engine RPM's.

For Petrol Engines the silver wire on the Dynamic PWM need to be connected to one of the injectors and pick up the readings from there.

The main thing on the Dynamic PWM is to control the hho production reading the engine RPM's.
More engine RPM's need more hho gas. 
Less engine RPM's needs less hho gas. 
Other wise if you don't want to used it you hho kit it will work constantly on high amps,which will drain more amps ,so that will be hard for the alternator and the engine.
All this things will increase dramatically your fuel consumption.   

It is quiet quick and easy for installation and set up.
There is two buttons to do it.
From one of them needs to be saved the lower RPM's (that will be the 5amps,when your vehicle run on the spot on on traffic lights)
from the other button need to be saved the upper RPM's ( for example on 2 000R PW's)
So the hho kit it produce the gas according the engine RPW's between 5-20amps and no more.
Witch makes him a smart fuel saver device.

We resolve a lots of issues with it,and the positive sides are:
1.The system doesn't need ammeter
2.The systems doesn't need relay
3.The system doesn't need fan
4.The systems doesn't need a radiator 
5.You not needed to check quiet regular the ratio electrolyte / water 
(the electrolyte can be maded much stronger)
6.Your system it can't be freezes on the cold winter weather
7.Has automatic ON/OFF function
8.Small and compact design 
9.Much quick and easy for installation that the regular option with ammeter and relay  
10.Saving you alternator  
11.Savings your battery
12.Savings your engine power
13.Pre long the fuel cell live 
14.Control the hoho production try the negative wire
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