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The main job on this smart device is to (make the fuel mixture leaner) reduce your original fuel.

That can be happened by changing the voltage readings from your MAF / MAP Sensor on the vehicle,so the information which goes to the ESU from the sensor will be much different .

Which means the ECU will send less fuel to the engine .

This process is very good to us because that is the main idea to have a fuel savings like we've got the hho gas produced from the system and we can cover that,so the original fuel will be again 100%⁃

For example 70-80% petrol or diesel 

And 20-30% fuel produced from the systems.

There is two knobs for two different setting and also a small switch to switch between the settings for city and motorway driving.⁃

For city driving :

It is recommend to be chosen with speed up to 30-40mpr (50-60km/h)⁃

For long distance (on motorway) 

This device is small and tidy and also very simple to instal.

Just 3 wires to conect,only for 10 min job:

1.You have to find  the signal wire from the MAF (the sensor witch is plug it on the air intake pipe,normally is located after the air filter box)  or Map Sensor (this is the pressure sensor) on your vehicle.

2.To find the signal wire all you have to use a V multimeter,so you have to stack the negative wire from the multimeter on the chassis (ground).

Pull of a small surface from each of the wires (just to reach the copper on the wire) which coming out from the MAF or Map sensor and see on the V multimeter on which one the Voltage goes nicely up and down (someone else need to revs the engine at that time)

On this wire witch the V goes up and down nicely than the other once,this is your signal wire.

This one need to be cut and you will have two end.

On one of the ends needs to connect one of the wire from the device to words to MAF or MAP Sensor , on the other side need to go the other wire from the device.

Detailed step-by-step instructions

Available Phone support.

1 Year warranty.

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