We offer six different sizes of 12V HHO Dry Fuel Cells  
 and also two different sizes of 24V Cells
The warranty of two years is valid if you use our Dynamic PWM,it will control the production depend on o your engine RPM's , saving your alternator and the battery and also it will pre-long the life of you HHO Cell.  
The Cells are built from high-quality materials, the steel is INOX 316L Stainless Steel. 

Gas generator Hydrox Systems 12 or 24 VDC is a 
system which produces Browns Gas by the method of electrolysis.

By using electrolysis the cell will produce 
Oxyhydrogen, a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gases, 
typically in a 2:1 atomic ratio, the same proportion as water
. Once produced, the gas is introduced into the air 
intake of the engine just by the vacuum of the engine. 
This gaseous mixture is widely used as a clean burning 
high energy renewable fuel. The minimum energy 
required to ignite such a mixture with a spark is about 
0.02 milli joules. When ignited, the gas mixture converts 
to water vapor and releases a massive amount of cool 
clean renewable energy, which sustains the reaction: 
241.8 kJ of energy (LHV) for every mole of H2 burned. 
The amount of heat energy released is independent of 
the mode of combustion, but the temperature of the flame varies.

Maintenance the system.
Refilling the system is allowed only by qualified 
personal, which is well known of the maintenance and 
all the steps has to do.
Refilling is completely described in the Maintenance Manual. 
Refilling needs just Distilled water and Potassium 
Hydroxide (KOH).
The materials for refilling such as Distilled water and 
KOH suppose to be mixed up just before they will be 
put in the tank of the system. They need to be in a 
metal canister and needs to be cooled down before 
they’ll be put in the tank of the system, because of the 
chemical reaction which makes the electrolyte hot. 
The electrolyte suppose to be filled in the system tank by the way without any spills.

The main advantages of the product are:

  • High quality and high exploitation reliability due to 
    thousand test we have done during the construction period.
  • Long life and serious production of gas.
  • Fast installation due to high quality fast fittings we use.
  • 100% of the materials has quality certificates.
  • Spare parts are available for all the models we have.
  • Possibility of recycling after the warranty period. 
    Its extremely efficient design, delivers the maximum possible HHO production at the lowest current consumption, operating temperature and cost available today.
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