When we pass a 12V to the cell  ( generator ) it is  begins to collapse the hydrogen (two parts) and oxygen (one part).

That’s why we call him HHO gas.

The next step is to take you to those gas to engine air intake pipe where the hho gas will be mixed with other fuels (petrol ,diesel , LPG.

Basically , the hho gas can be used as additional fuel for more power , reduce the emissions over 80%  or bought . And work with any internal combustion engines, such as cars, buses, trucks, heavy trucks, diesel generators, furnaces, industrial boilers, etc.. 

The fuel saving vary and is between 15% and 50% (of the cars made), which also depends on various factors: 

- is the ECU is been remapped before

type of fuel ( petrol or diesel )

- is the ECU it will recalculate the details from the simulated sensors or not

- the loaded Amperage from the HHO kit  ⇄  HHO production

- the right choice of the simulator for the right sensor

 - condition and the power on the alternator & battery

- your driving style & speed 


There is not pressure on the hydrogen system , witch making it much more safe and secure than other systems like a gas or CNG systems. 

We have included to our kits

 - Dynamic PWM

 - additional relay 

 - fuse

 - ammeter

  and the practice is absolutely safe. 

The system starts to produce the hho gas when  the engine is running , NOT WHEN YOU’VE PUT the ignition on .

 When you switch off the engine, it automatically stops to produce the hho gas. The service on the hho kit is actually quite easy, fill the tank with distilled water ( deionised water ) and electrolyte, which costs about £5 for 200g  and most likely will last a year, or two. 

The hho kit works better with diesel and turbo diesel engines.

The usually fuel saving on diesel normally starts from around 20% , but with ECU management easy you can rich easy 30% savings .

Positive sides:

1. 100% Safe & Legal

2. No storage rezervoir under pressure,they are not subject to annual verification

    as LPG and CNG installations

3. Reduces fuel consumption between 15%-40%

4. Increasing the power,performance of the motor and life span

5. Reduces the emissions by up to 70% (EURO4 guaranteed)

6. Reduces the temperature & noice of the engine.Hydrogen effect in the combustion cycle.

    The engine will sound much quieter than it was before, this is due to less combustion in your vehicle

7. Removes carbon in your motor and prevent future carbon build up

8. Cleans the engine and reduces soot deposits

9. Lighter weight - between 6kg and 12kg.(filled with water)

10. 2 Years Warranty

Things you need to know....
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