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The first 1000bhp hydrogen truck becomes a real attraction

The American truck manufacturer Nikola presented its latest hydrogen-powered Nikola Tre truck. This giant truck has a capacity of up to 1000 hp. and according to the manufacturer's have on board 120 kW fuel cell . And will be able to travel up to 1200 kilometers (800 miles)....
Monday 23 March, 2020
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HHO installation

If you decide to buy our hho fuel saver kit and you don't know how to simulate the ECU on your vehicle It is highly recommended on first place to try just with the hho kit and Dynamic PWM and check the fuel consumption. That is the easiest and cheapest options first....
Monday 23 March, 2020
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What is Dynamic PWM?

Our Dynamic PWM is the Smartest Top of The Range hho gadget for your hho kit. If you still wondering why you haven't any fuel savings,that could be the solution....
Monday 23 March, 2020
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HHO Map / Maf Sensor Enhancer

Small and smart High Quality dual mode voltage type simulator. Simulator is highly recommended for vehicles with diesel type Common Rail of injection such us: dCI, CDI, JTD, HDI, CRDi, XPI, CCR, CRD, TDCi, CDTI, VCDi, i-CDTI, iTEQ,DI-D,D-4D,SCDi,XDi,TDI,DDiS,TD4,CRDe,Mul...
Monday 23 March, 2020
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