• HHO Fuel Saver Kit 4 000cc - 12 000cc Engines 12V Plug & Play

Mainly used for vehicles and machines from 4000cc to 12 000cc 12V engines.

Plug & Play ready HHO KIt

Package includes:
Hydrox Systems Double Dry Fuel Cell  - 1pcs
Material : Steel INOX 316L SS
Dynamic PWM 12 volts-1 pcs
Water Tank 1.4 L - 1 pcs
Safety Bubbler up to 8 bar pressure - 1 pcs
High-quality Polyurethane tubes - 6 m (size 8 x 6mm)
Red 6 sq.mm. - 5m
Black 6 sq.mm. - 2m 
Blue 1.5 sq.mm. - 3m
Automatic fuse - 1pc.
Installation instruction + scheme
Instructions for use
    In the cell design were guided by fundamental factors such as: high efficiency, performance, compact size, strength, quality, longevity, quick and easy installation and not least a good look. 

    Optimized to the point where the summer can run on normal amps even without pulse modulator with correct dosage and at the same time has enough performance. The system works well even in winter, it has a lower water consumption, low-amperage and low operating temperature.

    Steel in the cell is 316 L, so that continuous operation will not see any change, any deposits or dirt, even after several months of work, the water in the system remains unchanged in color. 

    Cell Hydrox Systems has produced the most modern technology with laser cut plates to high precision, making it very reliable and long life, so that the cell has a 2 years manufacturer warranty. Secondary elements of the system, tank and bubbler are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of compactness, strength, stability throughout a temperature stability throughout bases, quick and easy installation and most importantly, consistency and certainty in connection with the cell. Other items such as tubing, wiring, relay, meter, button (on / off ), fuse holder and fuse are specially selected for presumption of quality, reliability and long life.

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HHO Fuel Saver Kit 4 000cc - 12 000cc Engines 12V Plug & Play

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