Suitable for engines from 125cc up to 1400cc petrol / diesel

The kit requires a control device such as Dynamic PWM for petrol or diesel engine, shown on the pictures ( the black box )

Package Includes:

#Hho Single Dry Fuel Cell Low Cost - 1 pcs

Material : Steel INOX 316L SS

Dimensions of the dry cell: 100mm. X 100mm. X 60mm

Stainless steel plates - 6

Working surface: 350

#Hoo Water Tank 1.4 L - 1 pcs    

#Hho Safety Bubbler up to 8 bar pressure - 1 pcs    

High quality Polyurethane tubes - 6 m (size 8 x 6mm)   


Cables / Wires :

Red 6 - 3 m    

Black 6 - 1 m    

Blue 1.5 - 3 m    

Heavy Duty Relay 12V 60Amp - 1 pcs    

Circuit Breaker Fuse - 25amp - 1 pcs    

Capacity: up to 0,6 liters gas gas per minute @ 20 amps

Step by Step Installation instruction + scheme Instructions for use

( available for download after the purchase from the link on your email )

* Fitting kit including-metal brackets,bolts,nuts,washers,cable ties,isolation tape

* Bild in water tank level sensor - build in sensor with small led light for your dashboard to notify you when the level is down to top it up
wiring instructions are included.

Fuel Saving depends on:

- is the ECU is been remapped before

- is the ECU it will recalculate the details from the simulated sensors or not

- the loaded Amperage from the HHO kit  ⇄  HHO production

- the right choice of the simulator for the right sensor

- condition and the power on the alternator & battery

- your driving style & speed

More help for installation: Click

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HHO Fuel Saver Kit HSL 1400cc

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