3.0L HHO Water Tank Reservoir

Code: 3L HHO Tank

2 in 1,Reservoir and Bubbler  heavy duty.

Available with Fittings:

3 x 3/8" Barbed Type - for ID pipe 9 - 10mm

Ready with Bild in water level sensor

Inluded with small led and wire for the dash board

to notify you when to top it up

Size : 25cm x 19cm x 16cm

(9.84in x 7.48in x 6.30in)

  • Weight: 0.500 Kgs

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I Would like Fitted Water Level Sensor on my Reservoir to notify me with a small LED light on the dasboard when to add water in to it + Instructions:
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Tight-fitting, non-vented filler cap & heavy duty molded side mounting ears.

Connects to HHO dry cell fittings .Tank is guaranteed not to leak.

Allows the water to circulate in the generator through the tank, makes for a cooling running system and lower amp draw.

1/4" return and inlet fittings are placed at bottom of tank for less moisture problems on the HHO gas outlet hose.

Thick-walled container, heat resistant, Heavy Duty thickness.


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