HHO MAP MAF Sensor Enhancer

Code: MAP / MAF Sensor

Compatible with all petrol and diesel engines that have MAP/MAF sensor.              

Professional and High Quality dual mode voltage type simulator.                      

Simulator is highly recommended for vehicles with diesel type Common Rail of injection such us:                                                                                                                           dCI, CDI, JTD, HDI, CRDi, XPI, CCR, CRD, TDCi, CDTI, VCDi, i-CDTI, iTEQ,DI-D,D-4D,SCDi,XDi,TDI,DDiS,TD4,CRDe,MultiJet, JTDm,DiTD                                        

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This enhancer is for people wishing to maximise the savings which are possible while using one of our hydrogen systems. This unit is used to lean out the amount of fuel your engine's ECU is injecting into each cylinder. The m.a.f. enhancer will allow your hydrogen system to deliver the very best results possible from your vehicle.

When set to the on position, your engine will run as per your desired settings however, when the system is switched to the off position, your engine will return to the factory setting's. Small,neat and tidy, simple to install.

What's Included: Fully assembled EFIE .

Detailed step-by-step instructions.

Just 3 wires to conect,just for 10 min.

Phone support.

1 Year warranty.


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