O2 Oxygen Lambda Sensor Extender

Code: Lambda Sensor Extender

They are 2 mainly reasons to use this Extender:

1.If you got a installed HHO Kit ,the Lambda sensor it will detect more Oxygen in the exhaust,wich mean the ECU will send more fuel to the enginne.That will make a negative effect

2.Stops limp mode,after installing a high flow cat.

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Do you have a 1996 to present vehicle and installed a Hi-flow cat, header or test pipe? You'll most likely get a check engine light code P0420 or P0430 due to added exhaust flow which puts your car into limp mode; your car will be running slower and wastes more gas!!

Our O2 sensor spacer is a perfect solution for you!! It will gap out your down stream o2 sensor away from the added exhaust flow / heat.t Simply a 10 min job, just screw it onto your existing rear O2 sensor bung.

You can install / remove any time you want, no wire cutting or drilling hassle Guaranteed will fix your problem, if not, I'll take the return for refund.

Vehicle with V6 V8 Engine and Dual Exhaust will need Two (2) O2 spacers


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