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Our mission is simple: save your fuel, your money, and the planet !!!



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HHO Electronics HHO Accessories


  Well,are you tired of increased fuel prices ...????


    Here's the alternative - invest in the Hydrox Systems and begin to save every day. The savings are made by adding Hydrogen and Oxygen in their purest form,Therefore better economy which means that the price of fuel for you is lower (more mileage / km  with the same amount of fuel)

HHO gas is preoduced from a process called eletrolysis which converts water in to hydrogen and oxygen.

This is done within the HHO Generator (Fuel Cell) that is usually installed in the cavity between your front bumper and radiator,once engine starts runing.

The gasses then run along to a vaporiser / bubbler which separates the water steam from the gas,leaving pure oxygen and hydrogen (HHO)

This HHO gas makes its way into your engine air intake pipe and is then mixed with the original fuel within the combustion chamber making your fuel to burn much more efficiently.

The main key for fuel savings is to reduce the original fuel (using a simulator like MAP/MAF,Lambda sensor,Temperature sensor simulator or a Fuel Saver Chip) and cover this redused fuel with the HHO gas prodused from the kit.

Or the best and most optimal way is to change the remapp the ECU on the vehicle specialy for hho need.

And most importantly you do not need a special fuel station, filling only with distilled water - cheaper right??

Totally compatible with gasoline, diesel, turbo diesel, LPG and methane systems.

Protect the environment by improving the combustion of the fuel mix.


Positive sides:


1. 100% Safe & Legal

2. No storage rezervoir under pressure,they are not subject to annual verification

    as LPG and CNG installations

3. Reduces fuel consumption between 15%-40%

*** fuel savings of 40% is a result of additional ECU manegement set up ***

4. Increasing the power,performance of the motor and life span

5. Reduces the emissions by up to 70% (EURO4 guaranteed)

6. Reduces the temperature & noice of the engine.Hydrogen effect in the combustion cycle.

    The engine will sound much quieter than it was before, this is due to less combustion in your vehicle

7. Removes carbon in your motor and prevent future carbon build up

8. Cleans the engine and reduces soot deposits

9. Lighter weight - between 3kg and 12kg.(filled with water)

10. 2 Years Warranty



Expected fuel savings with our hho kits are:


Petrol Engines:                                                            

Cars,Vans  15-20% betwen 1 - 1,5 L of fuel on every 100km  (60 miles) 

10 - 15 mpg increasess 



Diesel Engines:

Cars,Van's,Suv's,Pick ups  20-30% betwen 1 - 3 L of fuel  on every 100km (60 miles)

15 - 30 mpg inreasess       

* possible 10% Extra Saving with additional ECU management set up *


Busses,Tracks,Big Rigs,Heavy Machinery - fuel saving vary,between

3L and 6L / 100km. depending on the machine type,  or about 25%


Tractors & Diesel Generator arround 30 - 45%

Fuel Saving                                                                                                                         


Fuel Saving depend on:

- is the ECU is been remaped before

- is the ECU it will recalculate the details from the simulated sensors or not

- the loaded Amperage from the HHO kit  ⇄  HHO production

- the right choice of simulator (MAP/ MAF Enhancer,Lambda Extender or Fuel saver chip ) for the right sensor

- condition and the power on the alternator & battery

- your driving style & speed


*Should be monitored regularly and top it up with deionised water  (around 200ml / 300 miles (450km)


*If the vehicle is still under warranty, is necessary before the installation to be discussed with your dealer concerning the warranty.



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