HHO Dry Fuel Cell HSL 2000cc

Code: HSL-2000-cell

Suitable for engines from 1400cc up to 2400cc petrol and diesel


Techical Data:

Dimensions: 100mm x 100mm x 90mm-Cell

Voltage: 12-14,4V DC from the Vehicle

Material:steel INOX 316 L,Stainless Steel

Amperage:3 to 30 Amp 18.0

Amps at ratio: 1 Liter water to 0.100kg. KOH (depending of the dosage of water- electrolyte)

Working surface:650sq.cm

Not neccessary to use PWM

  • Weight: 2.800 Kgs
Price: £89.99
List Price: £179.99
Discount: £90.00 (50.00%)
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