HHO Fuel Saver Kit Trucks up to 16 000cc

Code: HS 16 000

Designed specially for trucks of 10 000 cc to 16 000 cc diesel engines. For motors up to 16 000cc

fuel saving vary between 4l. and 8l./ on every 60 miles (100km )                      

depending on the machine type, or about 25%

Installed in a metal box!
Plug'N Play

More than 2 000 miles with one refill

Fully automated

High Quality Materials

No Back fire problems

Bild in water level sensor on the reservoir with buzzer to notify the driver to top it up with water

Compact and easy to install

Technical Data Dimensions:

190 mm x 190 mm x 180 mm - cell

Voltage: 24 - 29 VDC from vehicle

Material: steel INOX 316L SS

Adjustable Amperage regulated by the two Dynamic PWM according to the RPM's (detected by knocking sensors)

Working surface: 18 032 sq. cm.

Mainly the HGV trucks makes about 15 000km up to 20 000km monthly.

As a result the simple fuel savings calculation is 150 x 100km.

Minimum by 3 litters of fuel saving.

This is 450 litters of diesel saved minimum a month just from one truck!

You can count the amount of fuel savings annually accordingly the number of yours companies vehicles, but in this case you can take the money back from one hho kit for less than 3 months only!


  • Weight: 40.000 Kgs
Price: £1,349.99
List Price: £2,699.99
Discount: £1,350.00 (50.00%)
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