HHO Kit HSL 2000cc

Code: HSL-2000 kit

Suitable for engines from 1400cc to 2000cc petrol / diesel 

Package Includes:                                                 

Hydrox Systems Double Dry Fuel Cell Low Cost - 1pcs

Material : Steel INOX 316L SS

Dimensions of the dry cell- 100mm. X 100mm. X 80mm.

Plates - 11

Working surface: 650 sq.cm

Water Tank 1.4 L - 1 pcs

Safety Bubbler up to 8 bar pressure - 1 pcs

High quality Polyurithane tubes - 6 m (size 8 x 6mm)

Cables / Wires :

Red 6 sq.mm. - 3 m

Black 6 sq.mm. - 1 m

Blue 1.5 sq.mm. - 3 m

Heavy Duty Relay 12V 60Amp - 1 pcs

Circuit Breaker Fuse - 25amp - 1 pcs

Step by Step Installation instruction + scheme Instructions for use. (will be send by email)

  • Weight: 4.500 Kgs

Product options

I Would like Fitted Water Level Sensor on my Reservoir to notify me with a small LED light on the dasboard when to add water in to it + Instructions:
Highly Recommended : Add Dynamic PWM 12V (and remove the included relay).:
Choice Ammeter.:
Add Set of brackets and fitings for my kit:
I Would like a ECU Simulator with my kit for a maximum fuel efficiency:
Price: £179.99
List Price: £359.99
Discount: £180.00 (50.00%)
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